Tascam DM4800

Digital Recording Console
With Meter Bridge and Firewire Recording Card

Asking: (price reduced) $1000

Great recording console. Started with the DM24 at Orchard, Upgraded to the DM32 and then again to the DM4800. Recorded many albums with it.
I am now using a different rig at Big Bay Sound and this console is now only being used for 2track playback for my video editor which is extremely overkill. So its time to let it go to someone who will use it for what it can really do…(32 automated faders baby!)
Unfortunately the screen has blue lines running through it. Other than that it works great.
I have a “2 c my dm4800” adaptor (as this is a common enough problem for aftermarket solutions to be made) Its brand new in the box.. I will throw it in as well as a midi sport 2×2 which you will need to get the timecode to the meter bridge going.

Pickup in Big Bay Only. Price may be slightly negotiable.

Please contact:  adam@bigbaysound.com